DISCLAIMER: No individuals, including those under our active care, should use the information, resources or tools contained within to self-diagnose or self-treat any health-related condition. Diagnosis and treatment of all health conditions should only be performed by your doctor of chiropractic or other licensed health care professional.

Q: What is a Chiropractic Adjustment?

A: Chiropractors seek out abnormal spinal motion or a lack of motion and deliver specific Chiropractic adjustments to these areas. An adjustment is a gentle, hands on technique used by the Chiropractor that is aimed at increasing joint mobility and decreasing any inflamation and pain that may be associated with these joints. There are many different adjustment techniques that the Chiropractor may use to best treat your condition.

Q: Are Chiropractic adjustments safe?

A: Every health procedure, from taking aspirin to giving blood, involves a level of risk. Research has shown that Chiropractic adjustments are among the safest of all health care interventions because they are non-surgical, drug-free and present an extremely low risk. And it works!

Q: Is chiropractic effective?

A: Yes. Chiropractic care is safe and effective. Scientific evidence proving that chiropractic care works is overwhelming. Over the past 20 years, many controlled and independent research studies have shown again and again that chiropractic care is safe and effective for treating low back pain, neck pain, headaches and other conditions relating to the spine. Based on these scientific studies, the consensus is that chiropractic care is the treatment of choice for most spinal problems.

Q: How often do I need to come for treatment?

A: This depends entirely on your current state of health and your goals for Chiropractic treatment. Depending on the examination findings, your age and physical condition, frequent visits over a relatively short period of time may be required during the initial phase of care. With treatment your body will begin to function normally and pain and stiffness will decrease and you will not require as many treatments. At this point, some patients choose to continue with maintenance care in order to help retain the benefits they've already achieved and reach optimum performance. Your chiropractor will discuss the need for ongoing care with you, and it will depend on your specific problem.  How long you continue your care is always up to you.

Q: Do many people see chiropractors?

A: Alternative and non-medical health care is on the rise in this country and chiropractic is by far the most popular form. According to current research, approximately one third of the population recognizes the benefits of alternative health. The majority of these alternative healthcare users choose chiropractic. The non-surgical, drug-free healing nature of chiropractic provides benefit to the health of millions of people worldwide each year. Most chiropractic patients experience real relief and general well being and continue to make regular visits a part of their healthy lifestyle choice.

Q: Are your services covered by insurance?

A: Yes. If you have an extended health care plan through your private or group insurance plan, you may be eligible for all or part of your treatment to be reimbursed. Our Chiropractic Assistant (CA) will gladly provide a receipt for you to submit to your insurance company in order to receive your benefits. Some insurance providers require a note from a medical doctor stating that your massage therapy is clinically required. Please check with your individual health care benefits package or customer representative for details. Chiropractic care is also covered by the Workers Compensation Board, the Department of Veteran's Affairs, and the RCMP as well as Saskatchewan Government Insurance.





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