What to Expect

On your fist visit, the chiropractor may ask you a series of questions to better understand your current health such as any injury or surgery, medications you are taking and family health history. They may also perform some tests such as an analysis of your movement, test of your reflexes, strength and sensations plus an analysis of your posture. You may also be sent for x-rays, depending on your condition.

Following the physical assessment, we will talk with you about your diagnosis and treatment plan, and get your informed consent before you receive treatment/an adjustment. This might happen on the first visit, or you may be asked to make a second appointment so that we can fully consider your needs and develop your treatment plan.

If your condition is one that is not chiropractic in nature, or needs further investigation, you will receive a referral to another health care provider, which could include a direct referral to a medical specialist.

If you have any questions about anything during your treatment, always ask.